My name is Shawn Breshears, I am 50+. My Father gave his life in Service to this Country – U.S. Army killed May 22, 1962 Germany.  My mother remarried a man who was ex Army and aside from being a good man he was fiercely Self-Reliant! As a result, I was the product of a Patriotic, Freedom Loving family that was taught that whatever I wanted I could get by hard work and dedicated persistence because I lived in a Free Country.

As a kid, the Forest Service and BLM were Agencies that served the American People. Our family friends worked for The Forest Service and BLM and they could be counted on for help when one was working – grazing cattle, working your claim, etc… It wasn’t until the 80’s that things started to change and those same agencies have taken on an adversarial position – they “own” the Public Land and the Citizen is a trespasser who must be kept off that Public Land and herded into the cities, where it’s easier to control us and force us to do what they deem “best” for us. This summer the BLM is forcing hard working American Ranchers off the lands I used to hunt, herd cattle and mine with my Dad in Central Nevada. But the Bundy’s and Central Nevada Ranchers are not the only ones feeling the strong arm tactics of the “New Fed”:   farmers, ranchers, timber and mining operations all across America are being forced to close their doors because they can’t access Public Lands they’ve used for generations. Something if very wrong….


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