Bundy Ranch Legal Counsel

I watched the Dana Point Grand Prix bike race and met a Defense Attorney from Las  Vegas who represents Citizens against the federal government. He seemed like a very knowledgeable guy who is well known in the Vegas Metro area.  I am going to meet with him to see if he’s the Right Guy, or one of the Right Guys to represent  those who are approached by the federal government because of their involvement at the Bundy Ranch. I also sent off a request for a consultation with the ACLJ who represent many people on 1st Amendment Legal issues and who have huge influence in the U.S. media and the courtroom. If you are interested in joining with me to develop a Class Action Style defense to the tyranny at the Bundy Ranch please contact me through the comment section of this page or you’d can contact me personally, my email is FreedomsQB  at  g  mail  . com   Shawn


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