to my sons…

Last night I spoke on the phone with one of my 28 year old sons – both are Eagle Scouts, have young families, are very accomplished in their fields  and good dependable men. He said to me that he had read something about the Bundy Family and was upset that Cliven had said some things that he didn’t think were entirely true.  He chastised Cliven for not being honest when men had come to defend him with their lives. I tried to explain to him that I wasn’t there that day for Cliven Bundy but rather for my son and his family. That yes, I stood side by side with  some of the Bundy boys, who I have great respect for, but he and my grand kids were the reason I stood in front of agents who told us they were authorized to shoot us if we didn’t disperse.

I was upset that he didn’t understand why I risked my Life and my Freedom until I realized that if was my fault he didn’t understand. My fault because I did not sit down with him and explain why I would take such a risk. I told him about the events of he day, about the excitement, the fear… but not why I was there. I know now that it is as important to “teach/inspire/tell the story” as it is to act and from this day forward, I will do both.


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