They’re back….. at it!

The BLM is threatening more Ranchers in Nevada by pulling their grazing Rights, Rights they’ve had for generations, in some cases.  Link Here The justification seems to be based upon the discretion of the BLM director Doug Furtado and his assessment of how much rain they’ve gotten over the last couple of years…. not the current state of the ranges. (They are getting more rain this week too).

This hits close to home for me because I was raised in Lander County and my sister and her family farm near these Public lands to this day. Ranchers being pushed off the lands they’ve grazed for decades to feed American Families. Put out of business, possibly never to return…. but who cares, we can buy our beef from the huge stockyards until there is a problem that destroys the herds and then we’ll long for the days when our food production was diversified.


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